November 2014

Drain, picture, faucet, toy, ball, mom, dad, kitten, CLOCK.

What do these words have in common? Well… it’s my totally random collection of things I can point at when you ask me about them. Not sure why this would make me smart but I guess it must be true since my parents say this all the time and get excited whenever I add another word to my “vocabulary”.

I’m now officially more than a year old now and I know my way around. Give me my push toy and I’ll walk forever – from the living room through the kitchen and back. I probably could walk on my own but I have the feeling that once I’ll show this to mom and dad, they might just stop picking me up and carrying me around – and I enjoy it very much!

And since I can almost walk, I can eat on my own (I leave cleaning up after myself to mom and dad though) and I am kind of grown up already, I will transition to the next class at day care by the end of the month. Exciting!

You can find some birthday pictures below but make sure to stop by again next weekend, my dad is fighting with the thousands of pictures he took over the last weeks.



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Happy First Birthday





Today is your first birthday and your parents couldn’t be more proud. The day you came into this world changed our life forever. Your smile makes us forget all the stressful hours of a busy life, your curiosity is often the start to a great adventure full of laughter, and your cheerfulness makes us always remember how precious these moments are that we can share with you every day.

The first year wasn’t always easy but we can truly say: it’s been the most wonderful experience and adventure for us and we can’t wait to share more memorable moments with you on your way to your second birthday.


Mom and Dad

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July 2014

Hi there!

It’s only been a month since my last message but – again – much has changed. Bouncing was yesterday, it’s now time for crawling! It’s really a much more efficient way to get around and it keeps my parents on their toes. Even though people say I should just try to use both knees I developed my own technique: one knee and one foot. Works for me! The only one being a little annoyed by it seems to be the cat of the house, looks like she does not like to be followed. She’s still a little to fast for me but just wait… I am also trying to pull me up either in my playpen or – even better – on the table. My parents always leave something laying around and trying to get it is very much enjoyable!

Didn’t I also mention that I love water last time!? Since mom and dad never got it done Gangy finally introduced me to the big pool at her house. I’m telling you: that was awesome!

But do you know what’s even better? Teeth! Ohhhh yeah! I kept mom and dad up every other night, at least for a little bit and then it finally happened: my first 2 teeth are out! They will still take a few days reach their final size but I’m off to a good start. Since then mom always asks me to try different kind of foods. Spaghetti, beef… not 100% sure how I feel about that yet.

What else happened? Oh yes: we celebrated mom’s and great-grandma’s birthday! And 4th of July! And I played with my cousin Meigan who visited us from Colorado. She takes great pictures – I thought you might like them. Thank you so much Meigan!

PS: Please check out Meigan’s website, it’s awesome!


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June 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

It’s been 2 months since my last posting? Time flies, it’s crazy. So I am sure you’re all waiting for an update and some new pictures. Well… Most important thing: I’ve been pretty healthy over the last weeks (I am sure my mom will say “great, you jinxed it”) and whenever I am healthy, I am happy! I mastered so many different things lately that it’s almost impossible to list them all. I’ll try anyways:

Food: For a while now I am not only drinking out of a bottle, I also eat a lot of other yummy stuff. I started with apples and pears (still love it) but now it’s like being in a restaurant. “Apple Turkey Cranberry”, “Chicken & Brown Rice”, “Summer Vegetable”, “Bananas, Peaches and Raspberries”, “Apples and Apricots” – just to name a few – delicious! And the best: I even get dessert. Puffs that melt in my mouth – awesome. Which brings me to #2…

Motor Skills: It took me a while to figure it out but now I can pick up pretty much everything I can find. Mom’s phone, all my great toys, mom’s necklace (haha) and pretty much everything that is in reach, especially when mom and dad don’t pay attention for a second – so much fun! Since I’m a little lazy and I’m not really in the mood to crawl or walk yet I had to figure out another way to get around the house, get to my toys I threw away seconds earlier and chase my little “sister” Lulu. So how do I do it? I bounce! Since I’m wearing diapers and I’m also a little chubby I can bounce on my bud. It takes me a little while to get where I want but hey: if it’s too exhausting I’ll just yell at mom and dad and they always pick me up.

Passion for water: I LOVE WATER! Shower time with mom is my favorite time of the day. Mom and dad keep making me laugh nonstop and knocking against the shower glass door is my new favorite thing. And it get’s even better: Gangy and Pop-Pop bought me my own pool! And since it’s been quite warm lately I can splash as much as I want every weekend.

Modeling: Well… at least for my parents. Even though I am sure the hundreds of pictures they take every day should be enough, I had my first photo shoot at daycare. The pictures turned out great, they are now hanging at home on the wall. Oh and talking about looking good on pictures: some babies at daycare look funny. They have no hair! Well… I got enough for all of them out there… so much that my parents thought I needed my first hair cut! They are clearly not professionals but they did a surprisingly good job. Check out the last picture in the gallery!

Some other interesting things are about to happen soon as well. My parents keep on checking out my mouth and they always say that the swelling get’s bigger and it looks like something will come out soon. Not sure what they are talking about but since they are worried about me keeping them up all night I thought it might be a good idea to train them a little. Day 1: Wake up at 12 and stay awake with daddy until 1.30. Day 2: Let’s do it again! Day 3: Let’s change it up and let’s do 12.30 for an hour. Day 4: Exhausting, I need a break and daddy get’s boring too. So let’s change it up again and do 3:50 – yay – it worked! It’s mom this time. Need to keep them on their toes.

What else is new? Oh yeah: we have a new ride! Daddy got rid of his ugly looking car and got me a new one. So much more enjoyable! Lets hope he takes good care of it, I should be able to drive on my own soon.

I am sure mom will say “You forgot to mention half of all the exciting things…” – I know! But I need more exciting stories to tell next time! So I’ll get back to practicing on my vocabulary… “Dadada”, “Mamama”, “Bababa”, “Eggiiiii”!!!


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April 2014

Missed me? I know, it’s been a while – I’ve been a little busy growing up and… well keeping my parents on their toes!

What a month. I was sick. Again. Had a hard time breathing. Again! And whenever I’m coughing and wheezing like this mom and dad take me to the doctors. Really nice people, at least that’s what they want to make you think. And once you’re like “this isn’t bad this time” they put a mask on your head and you have to breath in that nasty air. 3 times in a row! Not going back there, that’s for sure!

So it took me quite a while to get over it, mom and dad hat to stay home with me for a week which was actually nice. So nice that I decided to stay up with them a few nights, I like when they carry me around for hours. Once I felt better it knocked daddy out for a week – mom had to do all the work but hey: I got to see grandma and grandpa more often so I guess that wasn’t too bad after all.

What else is new? I’m waiting. Waiting for my first tooth, waiting that I can crawl, my first step… well let’s not get carried away. So I do what I can do best: eat, sleep and play. Since I am able to sit up I have a great time at home and at daycare. It’s so much easier reaching for toys! And it’s easier to spot my new best friend at home. Lulu! She makes me smile every time I see her – it never get’s boring!

And when it comes to eating: I love it! Summer vegetable dinner? Eww! Sweet potatoes and chicken? Yummy! More! I even got my own personal dining chair, adjustable in height and very comfortable.

Tomorrow I’ll be at grandma’s again – yay. Can’t wait for better weather so the pool get’s warmer – grandma promised me swimming lessons! And for all of you abroad: Daddy said something about 31 Celsius next week, not sure what that means but he was smiling when he said it so it must be a good thing :-)

Until next time


PS: New pictures below.

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