My weeks 8 to 10

Hello family and friends!

It’s been some rough days for me. Everything started off so well, I enjoyed Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house with delicious ciopinno, an awesome turkey (mom and dad are still enjoying the leftovers) and great company only to wake up the next morning with a horrible cold. Coughing, sneezing, fever… ugh! Since my fever was as high as 102F mom and dad decided to take me to my doctor. I won’t get into detail what I went through over there but I will tell you: it wasn’t fun!

But despite not feeling well the last days I think I’m doing pretty good. The doc said something about 13lb 5oz and mom and dad looked very proud. The only sad thing is that I need new clothes all the time, the label now says 6 months even though I know for sure that I will be exactly 10 weeks old tomorrow – yay – double digits!

I also joined some kind of club over the last 2 weeks. Dad drops me off in the morning and mom picks me up in the afternoon. All day long there are other babies around me, most of them a little older. But it looks like they kinda like me there, I’m getting cuddled all day long, enjoy my milk and we listen to music all the time (however mom needs to tell them that I’m much more into “The Pogues” and “Dropkick Murphys” than lullabies).

Okay, bed time now, need to fight that nasty cold. Enjoy the pictures my parents took below!

PS: You should leave some comments next time, I want to make sure you guys are reading my diary!

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6 Responses to My weeks 8 to 10

  1. Manja says:

    Schatz, Dean steht dir ausgezeichnet. :)

  2. Andre says:

    Danke :) Er ist wirklich ein kleiner Engel! Ich will uns ja nicht loben aber ich muss zugeben, dass wir das (ihn) wirklich perfekt hinbekommen haben :p

  3. Manja says:

    :) Das ist schön zu hören. Wenn er ein kleiner Engel ist, kann er ja nicht so viel von dir haben. ;P

  4. Auntie Karn says:

    Oh my goodness, you are getting so big and oh so handsome! your auntie loves you

  5. Annelie Kappel says:

    Merry Christmas, ihr Drei.
    Der kleine Dean hat sich ja prächtig entwickelt, er sieht dir, lieber Andre’, rechtr ähnlich, das heißt, wie du mit 3 Monaten ausgesehen hast. Ein toller Bursche.,
    Liebe Grüße aus MV

    • Andre says:

      Danke liebes Tantchen :p Ja, er waechst und waechst, wird immer gespraechiger und auch sonst macht er taeglich Fortschritte. Was die Aehnlichkeit angeht: liegt wohl in der Familie :) Rutscht gut rein Ihr lieben!

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