Happy New Year!

Dear Family and Friends,

We would like to take the chance and wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all your support in 2013, for all the good times we shared, for all your support over the last months, for listening, for good food, for just being there. We hope it’s gonna be a great 2014 for all of you.

2013 will certainly remain the most memorable year for the two of us, little Dean “Nugget” let’s us smile ever since he came into our life. Without a question: you keep us on our toes little man and we don’t want it any other way.

So what happened over the last 4 weeks (has it really been that long)? Well… little man discovered quite a few more ways to make himself noticeable. “I eat, I sleep, I cry…” was yesterday. Tons of smiles every day, baby talk nonstop, yelling if he feels like it, grabbing mom’s earrings or necklaces or splashing during bath time – that’s what it’s all about. Well eating is still one of his favorite things as you can see in the pictures below, he keeps on growing like a champ!

Oh and he chose is football team as well. Green Bay  Packers it is and he seems to be their new lucky charm. It didn’t look good last weekend but once he woke up and followed the game… well… Playoffs! Let’s hope he’s awake on Sunday as well :-)

Enjoy the pictures and we’ll be back with more soon!

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  1. Nadja says:

    Happy New Year!! Wishing you and your lovely family all the best!

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