July 2014

Hi there!

It’s only been a month since my last message but – again – much has changed. Bouncing was yesterday, it’s now time for crawling! It’s really a much more efficient way to get around and it keeps my parents on their toes. Even though people say I should just try to use both knees I developed my own technique: one knee and one foot. Works for me! The only one being a little annoyed by it seems to be the cat of the house, looks like she does not like to be followed. She’s still a little to fast for me but just wait… I am also trying to pull me up either in my playpen or – even better – on the table. My parents always leave something laying around and trying to get it is very much enjoyable!

Didn’t I also mention that I love water last time!? Since mom and dad never got it done Gangy finally introduced me to the big pool at her house. I’m telling you: that was awesome!

But do you know what’s even better? Teeth! Ohhhh yeah! I kept mom and dad up every other night, at least for a little bit and then it finally happened: my first 2 teeth are out! They will still take a few days reach their final size but I’m off to a good start. Since then mom always asks me to try different kind of foods. Spaghetti, beef… not 100% sure how I feel about that yet.

What else happened? Oh yes: we celebrated mom’s and great-grandma’s birthday! And 4th of July! And I played with my cousin Meigan who visited us from Colorado. She takes great pictures – I thought you might like them. Thank you so much Meigan!

PS: Please check out Meigan’s website, it’s awesome!



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  1. aunty karn says:

    Such a handsome little guy. So sweet. Looks like you are having fun swimming with grandma!

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