April 2014

Missed me? I know, it’s been a while – I’ve been a little busy growing up and… well keeping my parents on their toes!

What a month. I was sick. Again. Had a hard time breathing. Again! And whenever I’m coughing and wheezing like this mom and dad take me to the doctors. Really nice people, at least that’s what they want to make you think. And once you’re like “this isn’t bad this time” they put a mask on your head and you have to breath in that nasty air. 3 times in a row! Not going back there, that’s for sure!

So it took me quite a while to get over it, mom and dad hat to stay home with me for a week which was actually nice. So nice that I decided to stay up with them a few nights, I like when they carry me around for hours. Once I felt better it knocked daddy out for a week – mom had to do all the work but hey: I got to see grandma and grandpa more often so I guess that wasn’t too bad after all.

What else is new? I’m waiting. Waiting for my first tooth, waiting that I can crawl, my first step… well let’s not get carried away. So I do what I can do best: eat, sleep and play. Since I am able to sit up I have a great time at home and at daycare. It’s so much easier reaching for toys! And it’s easier to spot my new best friend at home. Lulu! She makes me smile every time I see her – it never get’s boring!

And when it comes to eating: I love it! Summer vegetable dinner? Eww! Sweet potatoes and chicken? Yummy! More! I even got my own personal dining chair, adjustable in height and very comfortable.

Tomorrow I’ll be at grandma’s again – yay. Can’t wait for better weather so the pool get’s warmer – grandma promised me swimming lessons! And for all of you abroad: Daddy said something about 31 Celsius next week, not sure what that means but he was smiling when he said it so it must be a good thing :-)

Until next time


PS: New pictures below.

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