November 2014

Drain, picture, faucet, toy, ball, mom, dad, kitten, CLOCK.

What do these words have in common? Well… it’s my totally random collection of things I can point at when you ask me about them. Not sure why this would make me smart but I guess it must be true since my parents say this all the time and get excited whenever I add another word to my “vocabulary”.

I’m now officially more than a year old now and I know my way around. Give me my push toy and I’ll walk forever – from the living room through the kitchen and back. I probably could walk on my own but I have the feeling that once I’ll show this to mom and dad, they might just stop picking me up and carrying me around – and I enjoy it very much!

And since I can almost walk, I can eat on my own (I leave cleaning up after myself to mom and dad though) and I am kind of grown up already, I will transition to the next class at day care by the end of the month. Exciting!

You can find some birthday pictures below but make sure to stop by again next weekend, my dad is fighting with the thousands of pictures he took over the last weeks.



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