January 2014

It’s been exactly one month since my (lazy) daddy made some updates to my site so I thought I bring you up to speed on my own.

It’s only February but much has happened already. And I can tell you: I really don’t like being sick. And I was sick almost all January. Don’t know how many times mom and dad took me to my doctor, hooked me up to that nasty aspirator, sucked my nose, took my temperature and worried about me. But I am doing better now, all that’s left is a stuffy nose and tonight is the first night in weeks that I can sleep in my bed again (even though I have to say: I love sleeping in my swing!). I also got my second round of shots – yikes! This time however I was a real trooper, I cried enough over the last weeks so I thought I’d give my parents a break and take it like a champ!

But there is more news! I’m kind of used to being strapped in my car seat, to fall asleep while driving just to wake up somewhere else – either at Grandma’s, childcare, a park or a store. But we always go back home after a while. This time was different! I woke up to a place I haven’t seen before only to find all my stuff, my toys, my swing, my bed… everything was there too! And we never went back home! Later I heard that mom thought it’s a good idea to move within 4 days after seeing this new place for the first time. Daddy is still recovering (he really needs to work out more!). But I’m telling you: I like my new home! It has a garage for both of my parents cars, a huge kitchen (I’ll switch to solids soon so space is needed), lots of sun light and a bath tub almost as big as grandma’s pool!

Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday, mom and dad are having friends over and I’m sure dad will finally light up the grill – let’s see if I can get some of his steak :-)

As you can see from my pictures below I keep on growing. Weighing almost 16 pounds and having lots of hair always confuses my teachers at child care, they never believe me when I tell them that I’m only 4.5 months old. Guess it’s because I asked mom to put a little more milk in my bottle each day, I really don’t understand how all the other babies in my group get full with all these tiny bottles…

Okay, I’m off to bed now. Have a wonderful weekend and let’s hope the Seahawks make it a miserable day for Peyton Manning tomorrow.


Oh and in case you’re interested, here also a short video :)




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  1. Katja says:

    He can’t be your son, AndrĂ©!! He is so cute!

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